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Samarth Mahobia is the face behind BareFox channel, Born on 07 July, 2003 - Resident of India.

BareFox Is Mainly Based On Optimization Of Games And Computers, Cloud Gaming as well as Mining. I Upload How To's, Guides, Tutorials, And Much More. I Usually Upload FPS Boost For Games, Windows, And Hardware Optimization For Better Usage.

Check my YouTube Channel out -  BareFox

► Disclaimer 

If you use any of my videos or content without permission, I will have to take action against it. If you re-upload my video(s) or copy this website I will copyright strike it without any warning

Need to contact me for any inquiries about my contents or videos? Then contact me through email (below) Or my social media (below) and I should respond as soon as I can! (This email is for businesses purposes only, all other emails will be ignored)

Email - [email protected] / [email protected]

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